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Syrian Media's Role in Exposing Crimes of Terrorist Groups and their Supporters Highlighted

DAMASCUS, (ST)- Information Minister Imad Sara has stressed that the Syrian media has offered martyrs in the country's war on terrorism and that journalists have been side by side with the Syrian Arab army's heroes in the battles against takfiri terrorists in order to cover the army's victories and expose the crimes of the terrorists groups and the countries supporting and sponsoring them.

During the annual Conference of Journalists Union held on Saturday, Sara said that Syria's enemies have used all military, political, economic, cultural and media means in their heinous war on the country.

The conference discussed the situation of the Syrian media and means to upgrade its performance.

 Participants reiterated the need to focus on the impacts of the economic war on Syria and to highlight Syria's stances on Arab and international developments.

The Information Minister pointed out that the ministry is currently amending the media law in order to enhance journalistic work and help it cope with up-to-date technology.

The amended law will set the principles of media work  and specify the procedures necessary for the licenses of "websites, newspapers, magazines,, research centers and publishing houses", the minister said.

Journalists' problems and concerns, besides procedures to eliminate all obstacles facing media work were also discussed during the conference.

Hamda Mustafa