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Syria, Venezuela are in the Same Trench against Global Imperialism: Diplomat

HAVANA, (ST)- Syria and Venezuela are in the same trench against global Imperialism, Venezuelan Ambassador to Cuba Adan Chavez has stressed, highly appreciating Syria's support for Venezuela and its rejection of the US continuous attempts to overthrow the legitimate government of Venezuela.

During his meeting with Syria's Ambassador to Cuba Idris Mayya, Chavez said that Syria and Venezuela are being exposed to the threats and pressure of the same enemy and they share the same values and principles as well as stances against global imperialism's bids to dominate the world and steal the wealth and resources of the countries that refuse the American dictates.

 He reiterated that Venezuela will continue supporting Syria's leadership and people despite the challenges facing it, voicing full solidarity with Syria in its war against terrorism.

On his part, Mayya affirmed that what is going on in Venezuela is similar to what is going on in Syria in terms of the goals which are represented in dominating the two countries, steal their resources and confiscating their independent national decision.

He expressed confidence that thanks to cohesion between the Venezuelan people, army and leadership under President Nicolas Maduro, the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela will foil the US schemes and attempts to overthrow the legitimate government in Caracas in preparation for stealing the country's natural resources.

Hamda Mustafa