JCI Syria Gets 6 Awards for Achieving Highest Growth Rate among All International Chambers

The Junior Chamber International ( JCI).. Syria has ranked first among all international chambers in terms of achieving highest growth rate in the year 2019, during the Africa and  Middle East Conference held recently in Mauritius Island.

"This year, the JCI..Syria, carried out 50 events and 30 training programs. It launched 21 campaigns and 15 development projects. In addition, the numbers of chamber's members reached 1000,” Mazen Hawarneh, from the JCI media office,  said in a statement to SANA correspondent.

He made it clear that during the conference, the JCI won 6 awards within 6 project categories out of 9, explaining that the honored  projects are the "On Board" by JCI..Lattakia which works to train and connect young people to employment opportunities in the maritime transportation industry.  The "Social Responsibility" project  was chosen as the best global program to activate social responsibility in  local communities, he said.

The project called “the Leadership Academy for Change”, which is based on training the youths and linking them to global expertise that enhance their leadership skills in local communities, also got an award, he added.  In addition, projects, titled “the Cultural Exhibition”, “the Meeting of Civilizations Exhibition as well as  "the Super Woman", were also honored during the event, Hawarneh pointed out.

 It is worth mentioning that the JCI is an international network of active youth citizens, their age between 18 and 40 years old, spread internationally through 5000 local chambers in more than 120 countries around the world. JCI aimed to provide development opportunities to enable youth for creating positive change in their societies.

JCI is the third big non-profit organization around the world which contains more than 250,000 active member and it's the only one which has an honored membership in the United Nations.
In Syria, it was launched in 2005 under the charge of ICC the International Chamber of Commerce.

Rawaa Ghanam