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Exhibition on Syrian Culture in Budapest Marking Syria's Evacuation Day

BUDAPEST, (ST)- Marking Syria's Evacuation Day (National Day), an exhibition on Syrian Culture was opened in the Hungarian Capital Budapest.

 The cultural event was held in cooperation between the Syrian Embassy in Austria and the Pazmany Peter Catholic University in Budapest. It showcases some findings of the Hungarian archeological excavation expedition in Syria's al-Markab Castle and the art works of international artist of Syrian origin Bahjat Iskander under the title "Syria is the Cradle of civilizations".

Representative of the Syrian Embassy in Austria, First Secretary Jaber Shammout said that the exhibition comes within the framework of the effective and active role being played by the Syrian communities in identifying Syria's cultural heritage to people abroad, pointing out that the Syrian culture has been one of the main targets of the terrorist war on Syria in order to make ignorance and backwardness prevail instead of knowledge and invention.

On his part, head of the Pazmany Peter Catholic University, Dr. "George Fodor", talked about the relation linking him to Syria, noting that he never stopped contacts with Syria despite the terrorist war imposed on it.

He reviewed the achievements of the Hungarian archeological excavation mission in Syria that supplied the exhibition with panels showing the mission's excavations in the country.

The exhibition also shows models for Syrian castles, Dr. Mayour Palage, head of the Archeology Department at the Hungarian university, said, stressing the development of the Syrian-Hungarian relations in all fields despite the war.

Syria's Evacuation Day, is Syria's national day commemorating the evacuation of the last French occupation soldier from Syria and the end of the French mandate of the country on April 17th 1946.

Hamda Mustafa