Displaced Syrians Leaving Rukban Camp Say US Occupation Forces Starved Thousands of Camp Residents

HOMS, (ST)- A new batch of displaced Syrians on Saturday left al-Rukban Camp in al-Tanf area near the Syrian-Jordanian borders and arrived in Jleigem corridor so as to be transferred to makeshift centers in Homs.

 The process comes within the framework of the Syrian State's efforts to end the tragedy of tens of thousands of displaced citizens who have been trapped for years in the Rukban camp by US occupation forces and their affiliated terrorists positioned in al-Tanf.

SANA reporter said that tens of displaced families, most of them children, women and elderly, arrived Saturday noon at Jleigem corridor on board of trucks and tractors.

 The Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC) teams and the medical point provided the citizens with food and health aid upon their arrival at the corridor, SANA reporter said, pointing out that these people have suffered for five years very hard living circumstances in the camp due to the lack of food, water and health care under the siege of the US forces and the terrorists.

According to the reporter, concerned parties have completed all procedures necessary to transfer the families to makeshift centers in preparation to take them later to their permanent places of residence in areas liberated from terrorism by the Syrian Arab army.

One of the officers supervising the return of the displaced families told SANA reporter that "the Syrian army personnel are sparing no effort as to receive the returnees and provide them with necessary humanitarian aid, including food, water and first-aid care, so as to take them later to their places of residence."  

Hassan al-Naja'i, one of the returning displaced people, said that he and his family fled the crimes of Daesh terrorist organization and went to Rukban camp to find shelter. But later, the US forces and the terrorists besieged the citizens in the camp and prevented them from leaving.

On his part, Ali al-Qaseer said that the US occupation forces have starved thousands of Rukban camp residents because they prevented aid convoys from approaching the camp.

Most of the displaced people expressed happiness over returning to safety following years of humiliation and suffering.  

Hamda Mustafa