More Displaced Syrian Families Leave Rukban Camp

 HOMS, (ST)-A new batch of displaced Syrian families arrived on Wednesday in Jleigim corridor in the Syrian badia (desert) coming from al-Rukban camp, where they were trapped by the American occupation forces and their mercenaries within very difficult humanitarian condition.    

Several buses, ensured by the Syrian state, transferred the families from Jleigim corridor to makeshift centers in Homs in preparation to transfer them to their original areas of residence which have been liberated from terrorism by the Syrian Arab army.  

 Many of the displaced persons looked very tired with bad health condition because they have been besieged for years in a place similar to a detention camp by US occupation forces and terrorist groups positioned in Syria's al-Tanf area. These people were not allowed to leave the camp and go to their original areas through the humanitarian corridors opened by the Syrian government and the Russian side.

Some of the displaced people told SANA reporter at the Jleigem corridor that all the people inside the "camp of death" want to leave and return to their towns to restore their normal life in their homeland and guarantee better future for their children.

Thousands of Syrian citizens, who were displaced because of terrorism, are now living within very critical circumstances in al-Rukban camp, suffering lack of health care, food and other basic needs.

Hamda Mustafa