Team of Lattakia SCS Branch Wins First Position at SUMO Wrestling Robotics Competitions

With the aim of spreading the culture of robotics, 67 teams from Syria and Lebanon competed in the Annual Robotics competition 5th (ARC5) recently held at the Damascus-based Tishreen Sports center .

The event was organized by the Distinction and Creativity Commission (agency)  in cooperation with the Higher Institute of Applied sciences and Technology ( HIAST)  and the Lebanese “Kalimat” Association for robot training ( E-robot).

The competition included teams  which represented robotics clubs from a number of universities, institutions, schools and civil societies in Syria.

The team of the Syrian Computer Society (SCS) of Lattakia province won the first position at SUMO wrestling robotics competitions for youth aged 16-19.

 “Robot represents a state of a distinguished and creative scientific innovation. The ARC5   aims at helping students of schools and universities as well as bodies concerned with sciences and technology to present their abilities and capacities in the field of programming and designing robots”, eng Ali Jeneidi, Head of the Robot Club of the Lattakia’s SCS, said in an interview with the Syriatimes e-newspaper.

He made it clear that the competitions this year are characterized by wider participation of different Syrian governorates, new age categories in addition to new competitions being held for the first time in Syria including maze competitions for children aged from 6 to 8 years as well as MacX international competitions for children aged 8-11

Eng. Jeneidi stressed that ARC5 provided a great chance for the participants to exchange expertise in the field of robotics and acquiring new scientific skills.

He pointed out that the 12 winner teams in  the ARC5 will participate in the Arab Robotics competitions scheduled to be held next April 14 at the Lebanese university in Beirut.

On his part, Adnan Saood, the trainer of the team of the SCS Lattakia’s branch, told "Syriatimes" that the robotics competitions play a key role in enhancing youths’ skills in learning up-to-date sciences and IT technology .

He made it clear that the team included three youths aged 18 , who enjoy strong background in  the robotics field , indicating that the team implemented new ideas and used the  computer aided design (CAD) to design the robot which uses 6 motors and implemented a tracking system efficiently and professionally.

Saood highly appreciated the SCS’s efforts to offer all necessary equipment and offer all facilities .

"The team was very enthusiastic to occupy the first position and to see the results of their creativity on ground. They seek to occupy the same position in the forthcoming Arab Robotics competitions due to be held next month in Beirut” Saood expressed.

Talking to "Syriatimes",  Head of the SCS Lattakia’s branch, Eng Mariam Fayoud, said “ occupying the first positions isn’t considered the first of its kind at the level of the SCS Lattakia’s branch as it ranked first at SUMO Robotics competitions held in Beirut last year”.

She underlined the society’s keenness on training and qualifying the distinguished caders to enable them participate in related world events as well as in local and world competitions, symposiums and conferences.

Eng. Fayoud considers supporting national skills and innovative capabilities as a national duty, stressing the ARC5 witnessed scientific and distinguished talents which enrich Syria’s scientific future.

She reiterated the SCS’s keenness on launching new initiatives to enhance the SCS process and support the Syrian youths’ role in rebuilding their country.

interviewed by : Rawaa Ghanam