Tens of Displaced Syrians Return Home from Jordan across Nasib Border Crossing

DARAA, (ST)- More batches of displaced Syrians continue to return from al-Azraq camp in Jordan to their original areas of residence in Syria after the Syrian Arab army had liberated their towns and villages from terrorism and restored security and stability there, thereby preparing suitable environment for the return of thousands of Syrians who fled the crimes of terrorist organizations.

Some of the returnees, who were previously displaced from eastern Ghouta, told SANA about their feelings on returning to their homeland. They expressed their happiness for being back at home after their areas were liberated from terrorism by the Syrian army. They urged all the Syrians abroad to return home because Syria has become safer.

 Brigadier-General Mazen Ghandour, head of Nasib Immigration Center, said that "the center received today tens of displaced Syrians, many of them women and children, coming from al-Azraq camp in Jordan". He added that concerned parties have ensured necessary buses and trucks to transfer the returnees and their belongings."

He pointed out that the number of displaced Syrians who have returned home since the opening of the crossing in mid October 2018, has reached 15200.

Hamda Mustafa