Aleppo Tribes, Men of Religion Affirm Their Support for Syrian Arab Army in Battle against Terrorism

 ALEPPO, (ST)- Dignitaries of Syrian tribes in Tariq al-Bab neighbourhood held a gathering on Friday to express their adherence to nationall unity and their refusal of all forms of foreign interference in Syria's internal affairs and to stress their determination to back the Syrian Arab army in its battle against terrorism.
Representatives of Syrian tribes and clans in Aleppo as well men of religion took part in the gathering, held under the slogan  "Camp Tent".

Tariq al-Bab neighborhood was a terrorist-held area which was liberated by the Syrian army in a large scale military operation in Aleppo.

Participants in the gathering stressed their commitment to a united Syria and their rejection to American and Turkish interference in Syria's internal affairs, reiterating that the Syrian army will liberate every inch of the Syrian lands from terrorism and all occupiers.

Hamda Mustafa