People of Raqqa Call on US, French Occupation Forces to Leave Syria

RAQQA, (ST)- People of Raqqa renewed their calls on the US and French occupation forces to leave Syria and stop interference in the country's internal affairs.

Videos shared on social media showed tens of locals in public gatherings stressing their determination to resist the US occupation and all other occupying forces which are illegaly prersent in Syria.

The locals burnt the American and French flags and chanted slogans expressing their rejection of occupation and affirming their adherence to Syria's territorial integrity.

The US-led Coalition has destroyed the city of Raqqa and committed many crimes against civilians there under the pretext of fighting Daesh terrorist organization, using all kinds of weapons including internationally-banned white phosphorus bombs. These crimes were perpetrated amid blatant media blackout and silence of UN commissions, mainly the Security Council.

Washington and its allies like France and Britain have prevented demining experts to come to the city to assess the situation and try to help people avoid being victims of the mines planted by Daesh terrorists.

Hamda Mustafa