Tunisian Youth Delegation Takes Part in Blood Donation and Afforestation Campaigns in Damascus to Voice Support for Syria

DAMASCUS, (ST)-  A delegation representing Tunisian youth organizations is currently on a visit to Syria at the invitation of the Syrian Revolutionaly Youth Union (RYU) to support Syria's steadfastness and voice solidarity with the Syrian people in the face of the terrorist war waged on their country. The delegation comprises a number of head and members of youth unions and organizations in Tunisia.  

To express their support for Syria, the delegation on Thursday participated in a blood donation campaign in support for the wounded Syrian army personnel and in another campaign to plant trees in Damascus and Damascus Countryside.

 Zeyad Maher, member of the delegation, said at a blood transfusion center that "Syria has offered martyrs and managed to triumph over terrorism and today we are celebrating with the Syrian people their victory, because Syria's battle is the battle of the entire Arab nation."

 On his part, Saleh Badroushi, another delegation member, said  that many Tunisian youths want to support the Syrian Arab army in its war on terrorists, stressing that Syria has paid the bill of defending Arab dignity and world peace from the blood of its people.

He clarified that the party which he represents stages a sit-in every Wednesday to call for restoring normal and diplomatic ties with Syria, affirming that the Syrian army's victories are a source of pride for all the Arabs.

Safaa al-Birnat, on her part, said that taking part in the blood donation campaign is a national duty and a way to express the Tunisian people's solidarity with their Syrian brothers.

"The Tunisians and the Syrians are one people who face the same conspiracy and have the same battle," she added.

During their participation in the afforstation campaign, which was organized by the RUY at al-Wahda Park in Mezzeh in Damascus and in al-Sabboura area in Damascus countryside, some members of the guest delegation made it clear that the campaign symbolizes that life is returning to Syria and indicates the deep rooted relations between Syria and Tunisia.

They pointed out that the Tunisian youth unions and organizations were keen on conveying the reality of what has been going on in Syria to the Tunisian public opinion and they have been working to uncover all the fabrications and lies promoted about Syria in some instigative media outlets.

Al-Haifa Barhoumi, a lecturer at the Journalism Institute in Tunis, expressed pleasure for visiting Syria for the first time to know about the Syian youths's voluntary activities in different fields.

She said that she has been following up events in Syria from the very beginning of the terrorist war on the country and now she is following up the victories of the Syrian army over terrorism, regretting the fact that some Tunisian terrorists have fought alongside the terrorist groups in Syria.

The delegation also had the opportunity to visit Sate' al-Hosari school for basic education in Damascus to know how the education process is going on in Syria. 

Hamda Mustafa