Terrorist War Failed to Undermine Syria's Sovereignty, Independent Decision: Prime Minister

DAMASCUS, (ST)- Prime Minster Imad Khamis has stressed that the terrorist war imposed on Syria has failed to undermine Syria's sovereignty and independent national decision thanks to the cohesion between the Syrian people army and leadership.

During a meeting on Wednesday with a Slovak delegation led by Former Slovak Prime Minister Jan Carnogursky, the Founder of the Christian Democratic Party in Slovakia, Khamis said that Syria is on its way towards achieving complete victory over terrorism and towards restoring security in all areas.

 The premier affirmed  the importance of explaining the reality of the terrorist war imposed on the Syrian people to the European public opinion which has been exposed to a systematic disinformation campaign to distort facts about what is going on in Syria. He noted the importance of cooperation between progressive parties in the service of peoples' interests.

On his part, Carnogursky asserted that the delegation felt the return of normal life to the Syrian cities after they have shaken off the dust of terrorism. He hailed the Syrian people's steadfastness and sacrifices in defense of their country's freedom and independence.

Mikdad: Coercive Economic measures against Syria should be lifted

In the same context, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Faisal al-Mikdad held a meeting with Carnogursky, who is also Head of the Higher Committee of the Slovak-Russian Friendship Association.

Mikdad explained the situation in Syria and affirmed Syria's keenness on liberating its entire territory from terrorism and adopting national reconciliation as to restore security and stability nationwide.

Mikdad affirmed that the coercive economic measures affect all walks of the Syrians' live, so they should be lifted.

On his part, the Slovak official said the delegation's visit aim at voicing solidarity with the Syrian people and government, saying that the wise leadership of  President Bashar Al-Assad will help Syria enter history from the widest doors because of its steadfastness in confrontation of terrorism.

He noted the great efforts exerted by the Slovak civil society associations as to convey the real image of what is really going on in Syria and explain the terrorism and foreign pressure to which Syria has been exposed over the past eight years.

 Carnogursky also stressed the need to lift the unilateral coercive economic sanctions imposed on Syria and which greatly affect the Syrian people's living.

Hamda Mustafa