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Syria has strategic foreign currency reserves, says al-Halqi

DAMASCUS,(ST)-Prime Minister reassures citizens that there is a strategic reserves of foreign currency and the Syrian government is able to enhance the Syrian people's steadfastness.

Dr. Wael al-Halqi's remark was made on Wednesday during a meeting with the ministerial committee entrusted with following up economic situation in the light of current development.

The gathering, chaired by the premier, was held to adopt urgent and future economic procedures to back the national economy steadfastness, according to SANA.

Al-Halqi told the committee that Syria's enemies have escalated the criminal terrorist acts through using internationally- banned weapons accompanied with false reports because they have felt that the process of national dialogue has kicked off.

So, the PM sees that the government must take fresh economic measures to limit the decrease of the Syrian Pound value against other foreign currencies and ensure citizens' needs.

The committee reviewed measures being adopted by the Monitary and Credit Council and The Central Bank of Syria to keep the SP exchange rate stable, and reactivating the Internal Trade Ministry's role in ensuring and protecting citizens' requirements.

CBS to continue fund imports   

Following the meeting, the CBS Governor told reporters that Syria is facing a military and economic war that aim to destroy the Syrian economy, stressing that Syria would achieve victory by the end.

Adib Mayyaleh called on citizens to help back national economy through not speculating on stock markets, noting that the CBS would go ahead with funding imports.

"Next week, the bank would resume selling foreign currencies to importers as the study of invoices and documents has completed," Mayyaleh said, adding that the bank might fund non-trade processes (such us need for studying or treatment abroad).

He asserted that the real value of exchange rate of the SP to USD is 90-92.

Basma Qaddour