Recruiting Young Tunisians to Fight Alongside Terrorists in Syria a Treason- Newspaper

TUNIS, (ST) - The Tunisian Weekly newspaper "Assabah" has stressed that recruiting young Tunisians to fight alongside armed terrorist groups in Syria amounts to treason of the Tunisian homeland.

In its editorial on Wednesday, the weekly said that one of the humanitarianly and socially burning files, which have been a source of worry to most Tunisians, is the issue of the Tunisian youths who seek what they call "Jihad" to fight with the terrorist groups in "sisterly" Syria, and then news come to announce the killing of some of them in a battle which is actually not theirs'.

The newspaper pointed out that most of these young people didn't willingly choose this destiny. They were victims of brain washing operations based on feeding their religious extremism. They were actually misled to be used as fuel in a war which doesn't aim to defend Tunisia, but to serve the interests of some western and Arab Gulf countries who fund terrorism in Syria.

In a clear reference to Qatar, "Assabah" said a Gulf state, which is seeking bigger role than its political and geographic size in the Arab region, has offered, according to sources, some 3000 dollars for each young Tunisian who joins fighting alongside the "armed opposition" in Syria.  Some Tunisian sides, recruit these young "jihadists" and supervise the process of sending them to Syria, but by doing this they commit a horrible crime against the Tunisian people.

The newspaper warned against delaying the solving of this dangerous issue, particularly because figures indicate that the number of those "jihadists" exceeded 3000 and this number may increase if the Tunisian authorities don't hurry in adopting necessary measures to stop this bleeding.

 The weekly pointed out that the Tunisian prime Minister Ali Al-Arid has finally promised to follow up this burning issue, as it threatens national security. It reiterated the urgent need to uncover the parties directly involved in sending Tunisian "jihadists" to Syria and to severely punish them for betraying the homeland.

H. Mustafa