Moscow alarmed by use of chemical weapons by terrorists in Syria

The use of chemical weapons by the Syrian armed opposition brings confrontation in that country to a new level, the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

"Information  coming  from  Damascus  indicates  that  the  use  of chemical weapons  by the  armed opposition  was recorded  in the  Aleppo province early on March 19," the ministry said in a statement  available on its website.

Moscow sees  this  fact  as  "a  new  and  extremely  alarming  and dangerous turn in the events in the crisis in  Syria."

"We are extremely, seriously concerned by the fact that weapons  of mass destruction have gotten into  terrorists' hands, which is  worsening the situation in  the SAR  even more  and brings  confrontation in  this country to a new level," it said.

In light  of the  incident, Moscow  once again  urged all  sensible forces in  Syria  to stop  violence  and  switch to  real  steps  toward political settlement at the negotiating  table, as is envisioned by  the Action Group's Geneva communiqué dated June 30, 2012.

The Russian Foreign Ministry possesses information indicating  that a detonation of a war gas ammunition round not far from Aleppo killed 16 and injured about 100 people.