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Al-Jafaari: Syria Supports International Community Free from the Use of Force

New York ,(ST)- Syria 's Permanent Representative to the UN Dr. Bashar Al- Jaafari voiced  Syria's full support to global inclination to build an international community free from the use of force, threat , governed by UN Charter 's  principles and purposes based on justice, equality and peace and  Syria 's willingness to participate in any international effort to achieve that goal and commitment to come up with a final document to meet the aspirations of our governments and our peoples.

In  a statement he read before the UN closing conference on  Arms Trade Treaty, started on Monday at the UN  Headquarters in New York Al-Jafaari said: "any future treaty on the arms trade should reaffirm the right of States under UN  Charter specifically Article 51 in the acquisition of all means they deem appropriate to maintain national security and defend itself and  emphasis on the right of peoples under foreign occupation for self-defense and self-determination,  besides the treaty should definitively  prevent  Member States  from providing weapons to armed terrorists under any pretext."

"At a time when the treaty of non-proliferation and disarmament faces enormous challenges in terms of implementation , there are  efforts seeking to create a new system to promote arms  sale competitiveness by a limited number of  weapons producing countries." He hinted .

Jaafari stressed that any measures to control arms and transparency through a selective approach will not represent a balanced and comprehensive input , rather  hamper the international community's commitment to  full disarmament.

Jaafari said that, for decades , Israel relied on what it calls the  diplomacy of  weapon, pointing out that Israel 's internationally proved  involvement in the illegal arms trade in the world encourages the phenomenon of international terrorism and protects drug gangs and separatist movements in the world .

AL- Jaafari  indicated that the failure of the preparatory meetings of  July 2012 conference  to reach an agreement on the objectives and purposes of the treaty explains the  nature of challenges facing this conference where many pertinent  topics should be handled  with clear transparency .

"Any concluded treaty must be made by consensus and complies  with the provisions of the Charter and should not be a tool for political and economic exploitation and an outlet for intervention in the internal affairs of States."Al Jafaari reiterated.

He  stressed  that the  treaty  should explicitly ban arms supplies to  terrorist groups armed but from States, pointing out that this assertion comes as a result of what Syria is witnessing of events targeting  its people and culture in order to eliminate its  constructive role at the Arab, regional and international levels.

He indicated  the terrorism and sabotage  imposed on  Syria , based on takfiri  and extremist  fatwas issued by agitators  hosted  by Arab , regional and western countries and that this terrorism is performed  by  terrorist groups led by al-Nusra Front and the likes of groups linked to al Qaeda , adding that  these organizations  can not operate without funding, arming, training and shelter provided by a number of Arab , regional and international sides.

"It is a matter of deep concern ,  the recent statements  made by many  countries to provide and increase the level of arming for terrorists fighting  in Syria,  with their  prior knowledge that many of their Salafi and extremist  countrymen are joining them to what they believe  as   a Jihad that they will eventually bring back to their  countries of origin later in the form of armed terrorism and we have to remember what happened in New York, London, Paris, Madrid and other cities. "

He continued that  "Such  acts are  incompatible with what is  stipulated in dozens of international conventions and treaties on combating terrorism of prohibiting  financial ,military , and logistical support to terrorists besides   dozens of resolutions issued by the UN Security Council in particular resolutions 1373, 2001 and 1624  of  2005."

"These terrorist groups carried out a large number of operations and terrorist bombings on the entire Syrian territory, resulted in killing or wounding thousands of civilians, using weapons it received   from parties that become known to all." He added

"The  Arms Trade Treaty, which  we  all seek to reach by consensus should  ensure  for us  and the world not to permit  access any type of weapons to  armed groups, mercenaries and terrorists only from States  , weapons that pose a threat to  national, regional and international peace and security." Al-Jafaari emphasized.


T. Fateh