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Al-Halqi: Syria confronts global war

DAMASCUS,(ST)_Prime Minister said on Monday that Syria has faced over the past two years a global war that aims to put aside its pivotal role in the region and weaken the national army in order to serve Israel's interest.

Dr.Wael al-Halqi told a Russian delegation, who is visiting Syria, "The armed forces would go ahead with doing its national duty as regards protecting citizens and fighting terrorism to restore stability and security across Syria."

He underscored that Syrian leadership is open to all initiatives that seek to solve the crisis politically in a way that guarantees Syria' sovereignty, independence and unity, and rejects all forms of foreign meddling and violence. 

Al-Halqi also talked about what has been achieved so far to launch national dialogue.

On the other hand, the premier cited strong ties between the two countries (Syria and Russia), highly appreciating Russia's firm stance towards the events in Syria.

Since the very beginning of the crisis, Russia has rejected foreign meddling in Syria's internal affairs and called for reactivating dialogue process among all Syrians.

Syria's economy 'immune'

As for economic situation in Syria, al-Halqi stressed, once again, that the Syrian economy is 'immune', noting that the government ensures all needs of citizens despite the unjust blockade imposed on Syria.

He added that the terrorist groups being supported by some Arab, regional and western countries target the county's infrastructure (oil pipelines, power plants, factories, schools, hospitals, shrines, and public and private establishments).

The Russian delegation voiced solidarity with Syria in confronting conspiracy that targets Syria's steadfastness, calling on all world people to back Syria.

The delegation headed by Alexander Prokhanov, the 'Zavtra' magazine's Editor in-chief, includes reporters, intellectuals, and political analysts.

Foreign meddling steps up crisis

In a separate meeting with Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister, the Russian delegation stressed their country's rejection for foreign meddling in Syria's internal affairs.  

Dr. Faisal al-Meqdad said that foreign meddling fuels the crisis in Syria, noting the role of Turkey and some Gulf States in training, sheltering, arming and funding the armed terrorist groups.

He asserted that the strong ties between Syria and Russia are based on firm principles related to respect international law, combat all forms of terrorism, and achieve stability and security in the region and the world as well.

Basma Qaddour