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Birds Born To Fly

Needless to say ,Syria is currently under an international organized terrorism. Consequently, the said systematic aggression has severely affected the infrastructure and the economic format as well.All these relentless efforts aim at destroying the homeland's unity.

But ,there is an apparent fact that the Syrians are clinging to their homeland similarly as bird born to fly.

Actually, no one denies that some Arab countries spearheaded by Saudi Arabia and Qatar are sparing no effort to fund and arm terrorists groups in Syria with the aim of to destroy Syria,the cradle of civilization. out of envy and jealous as the said countries are nothing but a distorted and disabled new –born baby.

Syria,where history was born,do believe in dialogue ,differences and accept the other's thoughts while Syria's enemies are still living in medieval ages .It is worldwide known that women are prohibited from diving a car in Saudi Arabia while its rulers are deeply involved in funding ignorant across the globe.

To those ,there is a solid message by the Syrians ,hands off Syria .your terrorism has deepened our cohesion and responsibility towards our beloved country.

Ahmad Orabi Baaj

Edited and translated by:Mayssa Wassouf