Syrian MP: Turkey enters the era of one-man rule amid internal disturbances

 The Syrian Member of Parliament Dr. Nora Arissian has underscored that the Turkish new presidential system means that Turkey has entered the era of one-man rule [Erdogan] and it will witness further internal disturbances.

In a statement sent by the press office of the Syrian People’s Assembly [parliament] to the Syriatimes e-newspaper,  the MP said that the so-called the ‘complicated struggle’ entered a new stage due to the turn of the concept of Turkey into the concept of region and world.  

She made it clear that the Turkish regime’s head [Erdogan], whose party [he Justice and Development Party abbreviated officially AK Parti],will try to unify the Kurdish and secular parts and the part that voted for him in order to be a world player.

“Today, Turkish people face a difficult economic situation and they live the nightmare of Erdogan’s tyrannical rule,” the MP added, pointing out that Erdogan presses ahead with arrests and issues closure orders on many newspapers, TV channels and associations.

She indicated that the Turkish new system has the right to dissolve the parliament, make new elections, appoint ministers and the members of the constitutional court, issue presidential decrees equivalent to laws, write off the position of prime minister from the Turkish political lexicon and gives his powers to the president.

“In fact, the Turkish people are divided over the powers of the president and Turkey will witness more internal disturbances amid attempts to eliminate political pluralism. Therefore, Erdogan reboots the era of one-man rule through the new system,” Dr. Arissian concluded.

Basma Qaddour