Syria Stands against All Schemes Aiming to Terminate the Palestinian Cause

DAMASCUS, (ST)- Syria backs the Palestinian people's rights, particularly to return to their homeland and establish the Palestinian state on the land of Palestine, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Faysal al-Mikdad has stressed, reiterating that Syria is against all schemes aiming to terminate the Palestinian cause, mainly the so-called  "the Deal of the Century".

During a meeting with a delegation representing the Executive Committee of the Palestinian Liberation Front led by the committee member Azzam al-Ahmad, al-Mikdad said that the only thing that guarantees the failure of these schemes is the Palestinian people's adherence to their rights, affirming that Syria backs the unity of the Palestinian people in the face of such challenges.

 The two sides discussed developments relating to the Arab-Israeli conflict.

"Syria still considers the Palestinian cause as the central cause of all the Arabs and this is a firm Syrian stance despite the challenges Syria has faced over the years of the crisis," said al-Mikdad.

Strong, victorious Syria, key supporter of Palestinian cause.

On his part, al-Ahmad said that "strong and victorious Syria is the key supporter of the Palestinian cause."

He added that the Palestinian people will continue to be adherent to their rights and will confront all the schemes targeting their just cause.

He conveyed the greetings of the Palestinian leadership and people to the leadership and people of the Syrian Arab Republic, congratulating the Syrians on the victories achieved by the Syrian Arab army against terrorism across the country.

Hamda Mustafa