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Syria ,coexistence stronghold in the region, says S.Africa VP Motlanthe

 PRETORIA, (ST)- "sitting to the talks  table by all Syrians is the only solution to the crisis in Syria where those who are involved in negotiations are due to draw Syria's future in the interest of citizens taking  into account that who rejects dialogue under any pretext should be pointed at as a man/body who seeks to step up bloodshed, "said  Vice President of South Africa Khalema Motlanthe .

Montlanthe 's remarks came during a meeting he held with  the  Presidential Political and Media Advisor Buthaina Shaaban.

'what is going on in Syria is a repetition to what has happened in Iraq and an attempt to weaken Syria , the last stronghold which  defending the Arab rights and the last example of coexistent in the region,"added Montlanthe

Montlanthe reiterated that the Syrian people are the true guarantee to end violence and overcome all colonial plots which target Syria as a country, people, history and future.

For her part, Dr. Shaaban briefed Mr. Montlanthe on the developments of the ongoing crisis in Syria and the dirty role played by some media outlets  as regards escalating  the conflict.

She expressed Syria's appreciation for the south African stances to restore security and peace to the country, hoping South Africa to play a role at BRICS meeting in a bid to  halt violence and supporting the political solution in Syria.