UK's Shadow Cabinet Rejects Presence of any British Forces in Syria

LONDON (ST)-UK's Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry announced the Shadow Cabinet's rejection of the presence of any British forces on the Syrian territories.

In an interview with the UK's "Prospect" magazine, Thornberry said the foreign troops, including the British forces, who are present in Syria, should leave Syria, because these troops "are not fighting for the sake of the Syrian people. Any of them."

She added that "there is nothing called revolution taking place in Syria," urging the government of Teresa May to support the results of the Syrian National Dialogue Congress held in the Russian city of Sochi.

 In 2016, the BBC published photos uncovering the presence of British special forces personnel in Syria under the pretext of fighting Daesh terrorist organization.  The UK's "Times" newspaper also revealed a secret role being played by British special forces inside the Syrian territories. These forces entered Syria across Jordanian borders.    

Thornberry noted the great popular support President Bashar Al-Assad has been enjoying.

 She said support for President Bashar al-Assad had been “underestimated” in the west.

“There is an argument that if [President Bashar al-Assad] had been as overwhelmingly unpopular as the [rebels] told the west at the outset then he wouldn’t be there. I think there has been a depth and a breadth of support for President Assad that has been underestimated,” she said, according to the magazine.

Britain is also taking part in the illegal US-led Coalition, which was established in 2014 without the approval of the Security Council under the pretext of fighting Daesh in Syria. Developments on ground have proved that this coalition sought protecting the terrorist organization instead of fighting it and its airstrikes resulted in several massacres against the Syrians.

The Shadow Cabinet consists of members from the main opposition party in the House of Commons and Lords, currently the Labour party. Its role is to examine the work of each government department and develop policies in their specific areas.

Hamda Mustafa