Russia's Support for Syria in Fighting Terrorism Resulted in Strategic Achievements: PA Speaker

DAMASCUS, (ST)- Speaker of the People's Assembly (PA) Hammoudah al-Sabbagh has hailed the key role played by Syria's allies, mainly Russia, in support for Syria in the fight against terrorism, stressing that Russia's support has resulted in strategic achievements.

Al-Sabbagh, during his meeting on Tuesday with the Russian Ambassador in Damascus Alexander Kinshchak , stressed the deeply-rooted friendship between Syria and Russia and affirmed the importance of enhancing parliamentary relations.

 On his part, Kinshchak noted the high level of coordination between the Russian and Syrian parliamentarians, expressing hope that security and stability will be restored to Syria soon.

Earlier, Sabbagh met with a delegation representing the Commission for Defending Syria in Sweden led by George Ilias. The role being played by Syrian expatriates in Syria's reconstruction was discussed during the meeting .

 Hamda Mustafa