Army Recaptures 70% of Terrorist-Held Areas in Eastern Ghouta: General Command

DAMASCUS, (ST)- The Syrian Arab army has recaptured 70 % of the terrorist-controlled areas in Eastern Ghouta in Damascus Countryside and secured the exit of thousands of civilians who have been  trapped by  terrorists groups for years in Ghouta, the General Command of the Army and Armed Forces has announced.

In a statement on Friday, the Command said "thanks to the sacrifices of the Syrian armed forces and the cooperation of allied and backup forces as well as the locals of eastern Ghouta, tens of Ghouta villages and towns have been liberated from the terrorists."

 The command added that the liberated towns and villages are "Hazrama, al-Nishabiyeh, al-Salheya, Tel Farzat, Housh Kharabo, Beit Naem, al-Mohammadeyeh, Housh al Qbeiyat, Aftaris, Housh al Baroudeh, Housh al-Ash'ari, Ard al Basha, Housh al-Dhawahra, al-Shifouneyeh, Ard al Ebb, al-Rayhan, Housh Mbearkeh,  Ard al Abrasheyeh, Ard al Zaweh, Ard al Sifsafeh, Beit Sawa, Madiera, Hamouria, Mesraba and Ard al Ta'leh between harasta and Douma.

 "The area of these villages and towns equals 70% of the areas which were controlled by the terrorist organizations following a decisive, coordinated and swift military operation in which heavy losses were inflicted upon the terrorists and their weapons," the command clarified.

The command went on to say that the army opened two safe corridors to secure the exit of thousands of civilians who were used by terrorists as human shields, pointing out that the government concerned parties moved the civilians to safe places in temporary housing centers and provided them with all basic needs.  

It called on the rest of civilians in Eastern Ghouta to leave via the safe corridors, stressing that the Syrian Arab army continues to ensure new safe corridors in the light of the terrorist shelling.  

Hamda Mustafa