Shaaban: Aggression on Syria Will Cost Heavily

DAMASCUS, (ST)- The chemical allegations against Syria Indicate the West's State of confusion following the Syrian Army's victories over terrorism in different areas, the Presidential Political and Media Advisor Bouthaina Shaaban has stressed, ruling out an aggression because such a move will have heavy costs.

In a statement to "al-Mayadeen TV" Wednesday night,  Shaaban said that the main goal behind the West's media intimidation against Syria is to prevent Syria from announcing its victory on terrorism and to continue exhausting the Syrian army and its allies, particularly in the light of their achievements in the fight against terrorism.

She reiterated that western media intimidation doesn't frighten Syria, rather it makes the country feel the importance of its victories which are drawing up the political map in the region.

 The presidential advisor pointed out that the accusations made by the French envoy to the United Nations against Syria of non commitment to the Security Council resolution No. 2401 are disconnected from reality, because most of the civilians in Ghouta are hostages held by the terrorists who are protected by the West as to be used in other places.

Shaaban made it clear that the "Alliance for Resisting Terrorism" doesn't serve the region only, but the entire world and it will continue its battle against terrorism until every inch of the Syrian territories is liberated ."  She asserted that the Ghouta area is a decisive point in this battle because liberating it ensures protection to citizens from the danger of the shells fired daily by the terrorist from Ghouta against millions of civilians in Damascus.

"We never heard a single word of condemnation by the West when civilians in Damascus were being exposed to continuous terrorist shelling and also when the Turkish regime's forces killed civilians in Afrin," Shaaban said, noting to the West's complete silence over the terrorists' siege on the towns of  Kafraya and Foua of Idleb countryside.

She regretted that the human rights organization and most of the UN organizations have lost credibility because they became tools for the West.  

On the Saudi-Israeli war on Yemen, Shaaban said it aims at dividing this country and at exhausting the Gulf states, pointing out that the US military strategy affirms that the West hasn't abandoned the colonialist mentality, but it keeps adopting a different tactic to destroy countries via using terrorist organizations and groups as well as military firms.

 Hamda Mustafa