New US Aggression against Syrian Popular Forces in Deir Ezzor a Crime that Mustn't Go without Punishment

 MOSCOW, (ST)-Viktor Bondarev, Head of the Upper House Security and Defense Committee, has stressed that the latest US aggression against Syrian popular forces fighting Daesh in Deir Ezzor countryside is a crime that must not go without punishment.

In a statement on Friday, Bondarev said "the US move that targeted people fighting for peace is not only an aggression, but a crime that needs legal description and whose perpetrators and plotters must not go without punishment. He voiced support for discussing the American aggression issue at the Security Council.

 "The United States spares no effort as to fuel the tension and war in Syria through supplying the terrorists with sophisticated weapons  and supporting the extremists it calls 'opposition'," he added, noting Washington's sought to create conflict between Russia and other countries participating in Syria's settlement process.

The Russian official pointed out that "the Americans win huge amounts of money from arms sales and due to armed conflicts they have got great ability to supervise fuel market, thereby they can impose their will and control oil prices.

"As regards Syria, Washington aims at undermining the state in order to control the country's resources  under the pretext of disseminating US  democracy," he said.

According to Bondarev, the new US aggression on Syrian popular forces in Deir Ezzor aimed at refuting the statement made by Russian President Vladimir Putin last December in which he announced the defeat of Daesh, the most dangerous terrorist organizations in Syria in a bid to defame Putin and harm his credibility before the Russian presidential elections due to be held next month.

In an attempt to support terrorism, forces of the US-led “international coalition” Wednesday midnight targeted popular forces that were fighting Daesh terrorists and Qasad (Syrian Democratic Force SDF) groups between the villages of Khsham and al-Tabyia in Deir Ezzor northeastern countryside, leaving scores of persons killed and others injured.

Hamda Mustafa