FM: Iran's Security Relies on People

TEHRAN -Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif blasted the US president for interfering in Iran's internal affairs, and said that the Iranian people are living in a democratic society unlike Donald Trump's regional allies, Fars News reported.

"Unlike cordial regional friends of Trump, the Iranian people are entitled to vote and oppose,” Zarif wrote on his Twitter account late on Tuesday.

"Iran’s security and stability are based on its own people," he added.

The Iranian foreign minister said that the rights achieved with great efforts will be safeguarded and intruders will never be allowed to violate the people’s rights through hostility and vandalism.

President Trump has posted several tweets to show his support for the protests which have occurred in a number of Iranian cities since Thursday.

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi has also denounced the US president's "insulting" tweets about the recent protests in Iran, and urged him to avoid interfering in Tehran's internal affairs.