Crisis in Syria Nearing the End: Saplin

MOSCOW, (ST)- Head of the Russian-Syrian Parliamentary Friendship Group Dmitry Sablin has stressed that the crisis in Syria is nearing the end, thus there is a need to enhance social and economic cooperation between the two countries.

The Russian MP told journalists on Monday that "Syria is willing to provide utmost facilitations to Russian businessmen and to all the Russian companies which seek entering the Syrian market."

"Work is underway within the framework of the joint government committee to find priorities for the Russian companies in the domain of economic and social cooperation," Sablin clarified.

 He added that members of the Syrian People's Assembly (parliament) currently visiting Moscow have affirmed that Russia is their closest friend, pointing out that the Syrian MPs had visited the Russian Yogra province and met representatives of Russian companies.

On his part, head of the Syrian-Russian Parliamentary Friendship Group Osama Mustafa asserted that the final victory over terrorists in Syria has become near.

 He said the United States is trying to hinder this victory through its tools, but the Syrian people is adherent to its unity and it will achieve victory with the support of its friends.

A Syrian People's Assembly delegation is currently on a visit to Russia. The delegation held several meetings with Russian politicians and MPs and it visited several Russian areas to be briefed on the situation of business there.

Hamda Mustafa