American Activists Stress Need to Convey Real Image about Syria Events to US Public Opinion

DAMASCUS, (ST)- The only way to change the American political agenda in Syria is the work to change the American public opinion and convey a real image about what is going on in Syria, Marcus Southworth, an American activist has stressed.   

Southworth, who is leading a delegation of American activists visiting Syria, made the remarks during his meeting on Monday with Syrian's Health Minister Nizar Yazigi after the delegation's visit to several hospitals in Damascus.

"I feel sad because the public opinion in my country doesn't have the truth of what is going on in Syria. I took upon myself to defend the Syrian people and I launched a website for this purpose," Southworth said.

 "Today, I came here together with a group of activists who work in the field of social service in different places including in America and Mexico, to see by our own eyes the real situation in Syria and to work together as to lift the coercive unilateral economic measures imposed on Syria," he added, pointing  out that these measures harm only the people and can't change political agendas.

Diplomacy and dialogue  

"We prefer diplomacy and dialogue to solve all difference," Southworth stressed, noting complete readiness to provide as possible assistance as he can to support the Syrian people.

He affirmed his rejection to any attempt to divide or destroy Syria, asserting the need to preserve Syria's territorial integrity and respect its history instead.

Medical teams in Syria are making miracles

Some members of the delegation noted the need for work as to change the public opinion in the United States through personal relations, media, education and the exchange of medical missions to help both the Syrians and the Americans to be briefed on the culture of each country. They stressed that medical teams in Syria are making miracles to treat patients and injured people under the current difficult circumstances.

Yazigi: Despite critical circumstances no pandemic was recorded in Syria

On his part, the health minister talked about the damage caused to the Syrian health sector because of the economic sanctions and the terrorist attacks and about the health sector's needs for some medical equipments, ambulances and medicines.

He pointing out that despite the hard circumstances over the past years no pandemic has been recorded in Syria.  

In a statement to journalists following the meeting, Southworth expressed his admiration over the continuity of providing medical services in Syria despite the extraordinary circumstances and he highly appreciated the Syrian people's ability to fight terrorist organizations like Daesh and Jabhat al-Nusra, hoping that peace will be restored to Syria soon.

"Syria is here thousands of years ago and it will continue to be a great country," Southworth said.

The guest delegation, whose visit to Syria is expected to last for five days, comprises activists in the medical, legal, social and political fields.

Hamda Mustafa