Putin warns against "international terrorists" exploiting the crisis in Syria

Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned against "international terrorists" exploiting the crisis in Syrian for their own ends.

It is unacceptable for radical groups and international terrorists to exploit the Syrian tragedy for their own ends," Putin told a news conference after talks with French President Francois Hollande on Thursday,according to Voice of Russia, Interfax, TASS

A "barbaric terrorist attack" was carried out near the Russian Embassy in Damascus just a week ago, and "numerous people, including children, were killed and injured," Putin said. "Obviously, acts of this kind must be resolutely condemned by the entire international community."

While meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow, French President Francois Hollande made several new proposals on the settlement of the situation in Syria, Putin told a joint press conference with Hollande. Putin admitted that the discussion of the Syrian issue at the meeting in the Kremlin drew heated debate, the Voice of Russia correspondent reports.

"Mr. President made some new proposals during the meeting, which I think we could discuss with all partners and implement,"Putin said.

"Despite current nuances in the positions of Russia and France, we stand for the preservation of Syria as a single democratic state, and we have a lot in common in our principles, in assessing this situation," Putin said.

The two countries have maintained fruitful political dialogue and strengthened humanitarian ties. Economic cooperation has been enriched with joint ventures and cooperation with emphasis on innovation and high technology, the Russian President said.