Syria calls on UNSC to prevent oil drilling in Golan

DAMASCUS,(ST)_Foreign and Expatriates Ministry appeals to the UN Security Council to put an end to Israel' violation of UN resolutions related to the occupied Syrian Golan.

In two identical latters addressed to the International Security Council's Head and the UN Secretary General, the ministry said: "Recent reports have unveiled the Israeli occupation authority's determination to go ahead with the project of oil drilling in the occupied Syrian Golan."

"On February, 21, 2013, the Israeli 'YediotAhronot' daily reported that Uzi Landau, Energy Minister, approved the U.S. Genie Energy Company's request to start oil drilling in the occupied Golan."

This illegal act, as the ministry said, is a blatant breach of the UN resolutions No. 497 issued in 1981 and aims to consolidate occupation and annexation, SANA reported.

The UN resolution underscores that the decision taken by Israel to impose its laws, legislations, administrative regulations on the occupied Golan is null and void, and of no legal effect on the international level. "It (the resolution) requests Israel to immediately cancel, without any further delay, its decision." 

The ministry noted that this act also violates the relevant decision taken by the UN General Assembly and international organizations, particularly the resolution entitled "Permanent sovereignty of the Palestinian people in the occupied Palestinian land including East Jerusalem and that of the Arab population in the occupied Syrian Golan over their natural resources."


"Syria warns over danger of Israel's attempts to exploit ongoing circumstances in the region to consolidate its occupation of the Syrian lands and plunder wealth," the ministry said.

It called on the UN to end Israel's disregards of its laws and decisions, citing that double standards give Israel political immunity.

Moreover, the ministry added that belongingness of the U.S company (Genie Energy) to a UN permanent state doubles the state's responsibility to guarantee its companies' adherence by international law and relevant UN resolutions.

Syria appealed to the UNSC to act beyond the pro forma condemnation of Israel's breach of the Syrian land, stressing the need for drawing up suitable measures to force Israel to respect and implement the relevant UN resolutions.  

"The UN serious action to prevent Israel from carrying out the new 'provocative' and 'aggressive' measure preserves credibility in implementing resolutions related to ending Israel's occupation of the Arab lands and achieving a just and comprehensive peace in the region under peace process upon which international community agreed," the ministry concluded.

U.S. Company

The US former Vice-President, Dick Cheney, is the Advisor of the U.S. company whose most shares are owned by Rupert Murdoch, according to the Israeli "Glob" paper.

Drilling works are to cover half of the Golan's area, specifically the area between "Ketsarin" settlement in the north and "Tzemakh" settlement located south Tiberiaslake, according to Arabian business website.

In 1981, Israel annexed the Golan, but this annexation has not been internationally recognized.