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RCP: Ongoing events in Syria new Type of Colonialist War

MOSCOW, (ST) – What is going on in Syria is a new type of colonialist war waged by foreign-backed armed gangs and mercenaries recruited in the entire Middle East, the Russian Communist Party said in statement on Sunday.

Terrorist Groups Seek Direct Foreign Intervention in Syria

 Earlier Gennadi Zyuganov, Chief of the Russian Communist Party (RCP) warned against foreign military intervention in other countries' internal affairs, pointing out the armed terrorist groups in Syria are perpetrating criminal acts and creating more chaos while waiting for a direct foreign intervention in the country's internal affairs.

In his political report at the party's 15th Conference in Moscow, Zyuganov said the so-called "Arab Spring" was accompanied by foreign intervention in previously prosperous countries like Egypt, Tunisia, Bahrain, Yemen and Libya. Foreign-backed armed groups and mercenaries also keep trying to worsen the situation in Syria seeking military intervention.

He added Israel has been the source of tension and wars in the Middle East fore more than six decades. It continues to ignore UN resolutions on ending the Israeli occupation of Arab territories and on establishing an independent Palestinian state.

During the conference, Syria's Ambassador in Moscow Riad Haddad conveyed a message of greetings on behalf of the Baath Arab Socialist Party to members of the RCP conference.

"Our homeland is experiencing a crisis threatening its security, stability, unity and economy. It was created by armed terrorist groups backed by international, regional and Arab parties aiming to undermine the national stances of the Syrian state and the Baath Party on confronting hegemony, occupation, imperialist and Zionists designs and on supporting resistance to liberate the occupied Arab lands in Syria, Palestine and Lebanon," the message said.

It added that Syria is getting ready to launch national dialogue among all components of the Syrian society to work out a national charter and attain a democratic, secular and pluralist society based on the proposed political program to solve the crisis in Syria.

The message expressed the Baath Party's gratitude and appreciation for the RCP's support for Syria in the face of the global conspiracy hatched against the country and thanked the Russian leadership and people for their solidarity with Syria's struggle to attain justice and peace in the world.


H. Mustafa