So-called "Arab Spring" Was an "Arab Hell": Shaaban

DAMASCUS, (ST)- The Presidential Political and Media Advisor Bouthaina Shaaban has stressed that the so-called "Arab Spring", planned and backed by Zionism, was in fact an "Arab hell" targeting the Arab nation and during which calls for division and fragmentation were released as a psychological warfare aiming to defeat the Arab project.

 In a lecture she made on Thursday prior to the signing ceremony of the second edition of her book “The Edge of the Percipice" within the activities of the 29th Book Fair at al-Assad Library in Damascus, Shaaban said that after six years of war on Syria, the Zionist-western terrorist scheme has been defeated, but "this doesn't mean that the Arab project has triumphed, because this project, to be achieved, needs a special agenda and a system of values and morals."

Shaaban stressed the need to establish specialized research centers to put solid bases for an Arab intellectual development project that copes with developments and benefits from the lessons obtained as a result of what the Arab nation has been experiencing over the past  six years.

"We have to transparently reread events in Syria and to acknowledge that that there were gaps and mistakes," urging more focus on cultural and intellectual activities as an immune against the petrodollar culture and against any evil schemes.

On the Book Fair, Shaaban said it was a call for concentrating on reading to enhance culture and thinking in the face of the conspiracy hatched against Syria, particularly because the Syrians are now getting ready to rebuild their country.

Shaaban hailed the sacrifices of the martyrs who defended their homeland's soil, dignity, unity and independence and who added a glorified page to the history of the nation.

 Hamda Mustafa