Azzam Conveys President Al-Assad Congratulations to Iraqi People, Government, Army on Victory over Terrorism in Mosul

DAMASCUS, (ST)- Minister of Presidential Affairs Mansour Azzam on Monday visited the Iraqi Embassy in Damascus to convey President Bashar al-Assad's congratulations to the people, government and army of brotherly Iraq on the liberation of Mosul from Daesh terrorism.  

Azzam, who met the Iraqi charge d'affairs in Damascus the plenipotentiary minister Riyad Al-Taie at the embassy, stressed the importance of the Iraqi army's achievements in the battle to defeat terrorism and restore security and stability to the Iraqi cities.

 "The heinous war facing both Iraq and Syria won't break the will of the peoples of the two countries to continue resisting and fighting until complete victory over terrorism is achieved and security and stability is restored to both countries," Azzam said.

He added that Syria, as a government, people, army and leadership, will continue the fight against terror to recapture the Syrian cities and bring the displaced people back to their homeland and villages.

"We visited the Iraqi embassy to congratulate the Iraqi people who defeated terrorism in Mosul as the Syrian army and people did in Aleppo and other Syrian cities," Azzam said in  a statement to reporters, affirming that Syria and Iraq are united against terrorism.

On his part, al-Taei thanked President Al-Assad on behalf of the Iraqi government and people for his congratulations on victory in Mosul, stressing that the Syrian and Iraqi peoples are facing a common enemy and that makes cooperation to eliminate this danger a necessity.

He said that the defeat of Daesh in Mosul will lead to the defeat of other terrorist organizations in Syria and the region.

Hamda Mustafa