US Intervention in Syria "State-Sponsored Terrorism": Pyongyang

PYONGYANG, (ST)- The news agency of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (KCNA) has described the US intervention in Syria as a "state-sponsored terrorism".

According to a report published by the agency, the US interventionist acts in Syria are becoming harmful day after day, noting that it is necessary to view these acts as flagrant act of international terrorism that aims at overthrowing the legitimate government in Syria and replacing it with a pro-Washington one.

 The report warned that "through its provocative strategies under the pretext of fighting terrorism, the United States seeks putting the entire Middle East under its control ". It stressed that Washington is completely responsible for destabilizing the world security and peace.

 The report pointed out that the DPRK will continue enhancing its nuclear capabilities as to confront the US provocations and defend itself against American aggressive threats, the latest of which were the huge drills it conducted with South Korea as well as the deployment of American troops and weapons in this country.

Hamda Mustafa