Assembly of Eastern Christians Calls for Stopping Terrorist War on Syria

BEIRUT, (ST)-The Assembly of Eastern Christians in Lebanon has urged countries of the world to join efforts as to stop the terrorist war on Syria and to put an end to the flow of terrorists and weapons into the country.

In a statement following its meeting on Saturday, the assembly called on the international community to back efforts aiming to find political solution to crisis in Syria, maintain intra-Syrian dialogue and halt destruction being caused by the terrorist takfiri organizations in Syria. It also urged the international community to work hard as to release the two kidnapped Aleppo bishops Yohanna Ibrahim and Boulos Yazigi.

 On April 22, 2013, an armed terrorist group kidnapped the two bishops while carrying out a humanitarian mission in Kafr Dael viallag in Aleppo countryside.

Regarding the Palestinian cause, the assembly said “after seventy years of wars, displacement and violence, the Palestinian cause is still unresolved and the Israeli occupation persists in building settlements on the Palestinian lands, displaces more Palestinians and empties the Palestinian areas from their original population.

Hamda Mustafa