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Syria Paying Price for not Bowing to US, Allies: Analyst

The United States along with its Western and regional allies have imposed a devastating war on Syria, because the Damascus government and the Syrian people have tried to maintain their independence, says Edward Corrigan, a human rights attorney from Ontario.

 “They (the US front) plans to destroy Syria, to punish [it] for not bowing to the whims of the Saudis, the Qataris and the Americans,” Corrigan told Press TV on Tuesday.

 “The future of Syria has been put at risk” because of the proxy war that the Western powers and their regional allies have been imposing on Syrian civilian population in particular children.

 The analyst added, “It has been France, the United States, Israel, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates that have been providing hundreds of millions of dollars to the groups that are trying to overthrow the Syrian government.”

According to Corrigan, Americans and their allies have launched “deliberate campaign to destroy Syria’s infrastructure,” schools, hospitals and bridges.

The attorney also said, there is massive amount of “American arms that have been provided to the Daesh terrorists and other groups,” which have come from Libya and other places into Syria to destroy its infrastructure and to hurt the children, who are the future of the country.

Foreign-backed militants and terrorists have wreaked havoc in Syria for six years.