Turkish Regime Commits New Massacre against Civilians in Syria's al-Bab City

ALEPPO, (ST)- The Turkish regime's forces have committed a new massacre against civilians in the Syrian city of al-Bab by their continuous aggression on the Syrian lands under the pretext of fighting Daesh terrorist organizations.

Local and media sources said on Thursday that the artillery and warplanes of the Turkish regime shelled residential neighborhoods in the Syrian city of al-Bab. At least 24 people, including 11 children and 8 women, were martyred in the attack.

 The sources added that the aggression caused huge damage to the city's infrastructure and to citizens' houses and properties.

On January 11, nine civilians were martyred and 57 others were wounded and huge material damage was caused to citizens' properties when the Turkish regime's forces shelled al-Bab city and the towns of Baza'a and Tadef in the northeastern countryside of Aleppo.

Also, the Turkish regime's warplanes committed two massacres  on December 23rd, 2016, in which 88 civilians were killed and tens others were wounded, when they raided al-Bab city.

 Erdogan is trying replace the terrorists of Daesh, positioned in Aleppo northern countryside, with terrorist groups affiliated to the Turkish regime under the cover of fighting Daesh.

Daesh, the terrorist takfiri organization, is known of its partnership with Erdogan's regime in stealing the Syrian oil and gas, a crime that violates the international resolutions which call for drying up terrorism resources, closing the borders, preventing the flow of mercenaries to Syria and criminalizing trafficking in oil and gas with terrorist organizations.

Hamda Mustafa