Ex-Czech PM: Syrian Army Proceeding towards Victory after Six Years of Terrorist War on Syria

PRAGUE, (ST)-Ex-Czech Prime Minister Jiri Paroubek on Thursday stressed that the West has taken part in the destruction in Syria, Iraq and Libya and ensured suitable environment for the creation of Daesh terrorist organization.

In a statement to the "Parliamentary Papers" website, Paroubek said because of its hostile stance towards the secular state in Syria, the West has spared in no effort to support the different terrorist organizations fighting the Syrian government, however, its efforts in this regard have failed.

 He affirmed that the Syrian Arab Army is proceeding towards victory after six years of terrorist war on Syria.

Paroubek said that the international situation is changing fast against the interest of the United States as the presence of Russia, China, India, Brazil and Iran in the world grows stronger, thereby reducing the American political and economic strength limits.

He asserted that the administration of the former US President Barack Obama has committed a big mistake by interfering in Libya and by supporting the stupid military intervention of France and Britain in the country that destabilized Libya and led to a huge wave of immigration of  hundreds of thousands of Africans towards Europe.

Hamda Mustafa