Bogdanov: some partners encourage Syria opposition to reject dialogue

MOSCOW,(ST)_Mikhail Bogdanov restates that the only way to solve the crisis in Syria is through dialogue in which all parties, without exception, are taking part.

Russia's Deputy Foreign Minister told the RT that his country seeks to help Syrians build their future according to national reconciliation and civil peace.

"The final communique of the Syria Action Group's meeting held in Geneva is the basis that has no alternative to bring about a solution to the crisis," Bogdanov said, noting that some partners in Geneva have encouraged Syrian opposition to reject dialogue.

"Russia has proposed different ideas about how to implement Geneva communique, which unanimously approved, and has done its utmost to start dialogue. Some issues have to be defined by the Syrians themselves when all parties' representatives start dialogue,"

He criticized the partners who have encouraged opposition to say no to dialogue and to use violence. "This is highly regrettable," said the Russian official.

In addition, Bogdanov noted that the UN Security Council has refused Russia's call for endorsing Geneva communique, expressing his pain over what is going on in Syria as regards destruction of infrastructure and attacking historical sites.

"We see that comprehensive national dialogue, without excluding any party, is the only way out..of course we are not talking about terrorists and extremists who do not understand the language of policy and tend to solve their problems through only violence and killing," Bogdanov said.

Responding to a question about selling Russian weapons to Arab States, Bogdanov said that this topic has nothing to do with the states' internal problems.

"Military and economic cooperation between Russia on one hand and Syria and Iraq on the other is traditional and does not aim to fuel internal conflicts. Rather it aims to boost defense ability of these two states to confront any foreign attack," Russia's Deputy FM said.