Terrorist Groups Recruit Minors in Syria to Fight in Combats

Terrorist  groups are recruiting children to involve them in the fighting aimed at overthrowing the Syrian government, despite the international law bans recruiting minors as fighters, broadcasted an international television channel on Wednesday.

The mercenaries train children on how to use a gun, disarm an enemy, kill him with a knife or even their own hands, broadcasted Iranian Hispan TV channel.

"When they arrive here they are children; later they turn into kiling machines, said Abdel Razaq, a member of a terrorist  group.

Amateur videos show soldier children who fight against the Syrian Arab Army forces in Syrian cities, said the source.

The children are even forced to dig their own graves before joining the armed groups, added the source.

According to international laws, people under 18 years old are banned from taking part in any military or espionage operation.

The television channel quoted the coordinator for children's protection of the United Nations Children's Fund (Unicef), Jean-Nicolas Beuze, as saying that using children to fight in combats is a serious violation of their rights.