Fighting Terrorism in Syria Helps Protect Other World Countries from Terrorist Threats: Abkhazian President

SOKHUMI, (ST)- The Abkhazian Capital Sokhumi witnessed on Tuesday a mass rally in solidarity with Syria. Participants lifted Syrian flags and placards on which phrases supporting the struggle of the Syrian people against terrorism were written.

Addressing the participants, President Raul Khajimba of Abkhazia said "we are rallying here to voice our firm support for the sisterly country of Syria. The terrorist war on Syria was waged because of the irresponsible policies of some countries, particularly key international players, who believe that the issue of destroying  the region's countries is prior to the issue of cooperation with Russia, Iran and other countries that lead a relentless struggle against global terrorism."

 The Abkhazian president stressed that fighting terrorism in Syria doesn't only serve the interests of the Syrian people and the peoples of other Middle East countries, but it will also help protect other countries of the world from terrorist threats.

"We, in Abkhazia, are convinced that the world must be grateful for Russia for its continuous efforts to fight international terrorism and support peace and stability in the Middle East. This is the only way to maintain international peace for all of us and for the future of the entire humanity," Khajimba said.

The Russian Ambassador to Abkhazia Semion Grigoriev, on his part, said "the big number of Abkhazian citizens who gathered here to call for peace in Syria and express their support for the Syrian people and for Russia's policy in Syria, is an important event for Abkhazia."

"The Syrian Arab Army, the Russian air forces, their allies and all who struggle to rid Syria of terrorism are struggling for the freedom and independence of Abkhazia, because without attaining  peace in Syria and the region, there will be no peace in Abkhazia," stressed the Russian Ambassador.

Maxim Gvinjia, the former Foreign Minister of Abkhazia, clarified that what is going on in Syria is a western scheme to create "creative chaos", stressing that the so-called "Arab Spring" is a foreign conspiracy aiming to block the process of development in countries of the region.

He reiterated that the open and flagrant support for the so-called "moderate opposition", which actually consists of "extremist groups", creates more threats to peace, pointing out that the huge hysteria that has hit the western world over Russia's operation in Syria was not strange. He clarified that the Russian forces' presence in Syria comes in accordance with international law and under the request of the Syrian government.

Concluding the rally, participants issued a statement urging representatives of the Abkhazian people and the peoples of the Caucasus region in Syria and Diaspora, "to hold activities in support for the struggle of the Syrian people against terrorism."

According to the statement, the participants highly appreciated Russia's role in supporting Syria's effort to fight international terrorism. They called on the United Nations to adopt a resolution that urges preserving Syria's sovereignty and territorial integrity and supporting political solution to the crisis in the country based on relevant international resolutions.

In the same context, the Strategic Studies Institute of the president of Abkhazia, held an international round table dialogue in which Abkhazian officials and MPs took part, in addition to diplomats, journalists, researchers, politicians, intellectuals and social figures.

 Minister of Foreign Affairs of Abkhazia Daur Kove said the crisis in Syria has become the focus of the world policy, pointing out that finding a solution to this crisis contributes to guaranteeing security and stability in the Middle East, which is close to the Caucasus region.

Hamda Mustafa