Secret Agreements at Hundreds of Millions of Dollars between Saudi Arabia, UAE and the Zionist Entity

BEIRUT, ((ST)- Media reports continue to reveal the cooperation and coordination being made between "Israel" on the one hand and Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates ((UAE) on the other.

The security and military analyst at the Israeli "Jerusalem Post" and "Maariv" newspapers Yushi Milman has uncovered secret agreements estimated at hundreds of millions of dollars between Saudi Arabia plus the UAE and Israel.

 According to an article by the Lebanese "Al-Akhbar" newspaper on Monday, Milman said that Saudi Arabia and the UAE's rapprochement with Israel has resulted in military and intelligence deal valued at hundreds of millions of dollars, noting that the "Gulf hand gives hope and provides more economic and financial support to Israel."

 Several western and Israeli media outlets also shed light on high level secret meetings between Saudi and Israeli officials over the past period on time including the meeting of the former Saudi intelligence officer Anwar Ishqi with Director General of the Israeli Foreign Ministry affairs Dore Gold last June and the meeting of Saudi Prince Turki al-Faisal  with the former head of the Israeli National Security Council Yaakov Amidror early this month. Al-Faisal also had a meeting last February with the Israeli war Minister Mosheh Ye'alon on the sideline of the Security Conference in Munich.

Milman also stressed that the current situation in Iraq, Syria and Libya serves the interests of the Israeli entity, noting that the terrorist organizations in Syria don't consider Israel as an enemy and they can coexist with such an entity.  

Yesterday, the Israeli occupation forces announced the formation a “liaison unit” aiming to strengthen contacts with the terrorist groups in Syria and openly transfer injured terrorists into the occupation hospitals for treatment, according to Israeli media.

Hamda Mustafa