Syrian government is as strong as ever,says Safieddine

 Head of Hezbollah's Executive Council Sheikh Hashem Safieddine stressed that the Syrian government is as strong as ever, and said those waiting for the collapse of the Syrian government and its possible impact on Lebanon's next parliamentary elections are mistaken.

Sheikh Safieddine's remarks came while certain foreign countries, including the US, Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia are trying hard to "overthrow the Syrian government" in order to influence Lebanon's next parliamentary elections,according to FNA.

He noted that Lebanon's next parliamentary elections and formation of the new government in the country "will take place while Syria's incumbent government will still be in power", Al-Ahd news agency reported.

Sheikh Safieddine said those thinking about the collapse of the Syrian government should know that pressures cannot force it to fall, alluding that the Syrian  government will survive beyond Lebanon's upcoming parliamentary elections.

Lebanon's parliamentary elections are slated for 2013, but no exact date of the elections has been disclosed as yet.