Moscow seeks to unify Int'l stances towards crisis in Syria, says Lavrov

MOSCOW,(ST)_Russia underscores the need for immediate cessation of all forms of violence in Syria and starting a Syrian comprehensive dialogue to settle the crisis.

The remark was made on Friday by the Russian Foreign Minister, SergeiLavrov, who held talks with Leader of the Lebanese Progressive Socialist Party, WalidJunblat.

"The talks dealt with the situation in Syria in the light of increasing negative consequences of 'armed conflict' on the region's states," the Ministry of the Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation said in its statement.

It added that Lavrov asserted full support for stability and independence of Lebanon and all states in the region as well. He also restated Russia's firm stances for solving internal cases peacefully through dialogue and far away from foreign meddling and imposed dictations.

'A dirty' attack

Meanwhile, Russia's presidential envoy to the Middle East, Mikhael Bogdanov, echoed Lavrov's remark as regards solving the ongoing crisis in Syria through dialogue and under Geneva Statement.

In a meeting with a Syrian parliamentary delegation in Moscow, Bogdanov noted Russia's efforts being exerted to unify international stances to bring about a peaceful solution to crisis in Syria.

"A 'dirty' attack is being launched against Syria via mass media, particularly the western one," the Russian Envoy said, citing that some western mass media distort the reality of Russia's attitude towards Syria and falsify the Russian leadership's remarks in this regard.

"The Syrian MPs' visit to Moscow comes within the framework of reactivating parliamentary and diplomatic relations and developing communication between representative of public opinion in Syria and Russia at all levels," Bogdanov said.