Iran, China commend President Al-Assad's plan

Iranian and Chinese foreign ministry officials haveĀ  announced that the initiative set forth by President Bashar Al- Assad to settle Syria crisis is realistic.

Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister for Arab-African Affaires, Hossein Amir Abdollahian told IRNA after his meeting with Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi that both Iran and China commend the Syrian president for the peace initiative to end bloodshed,according to IRNA.

He said that during the talks and consultations with Chinese officials in Beijing there were discussions on the Middle East and Gulf developments, including Syria and Bahrain crises.

"We believe that the Syrian issue is on the road to progress and we should help people of the country, while supporting a political settlement offered by Bashar Al-Assad."

He referred to close stand of Tehran and Beijing on international developments and said, "Both countries are seriously calling for non-intervention of the foreign governments in Syria, and end to the terrorist measures and border control."

Abdollahian said that the Islamic Republic of Iran strongly supports people of Syria.

He said that military and security moves are doomed to failure and support of certain countries for terrorist groups have had no other outcome but heavy fatality and damage to infrastructure of Syria.

He added that in consultation with the Chinese officials there appeared consensus that should focus on further concentration on the political strategy.

"Iran and China also agreed that the peace plan presented by Bashar Al-Assad considered the political strategy, cessation of violence and border control as a realistic plan."

The official said that among other issues discussed with the Chinese officials were related to Bahrain.

Abdollahian said, "We are highly concerned that lethal chemical gases are used against people of Bahrain and human rights violations are growing."

"Necessary warnings have been issued to Bahrain rulers over recent months through international circles. We believe that alike Syria, the strategy in the country is merely political and must be directed toward national dialogue."