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Not condemning terrorist crimes in Syria 'immoral', says FM

DAMASCUS,(ST)_ The blacklisted al-Qaeda-affiliated Jabhat al-Nusra  has perpetrated new terrorist crime against the Syrian citizens who staged protests to call for the departure of terrorists from their suburbs.

In two identical letters sent to the International Security Council and the UN Secretary General, the Syrian Expatriates and Foreign Ministry said: "al-Qaeda organization is continuing its criminal terrorist acts in Syria through Jabhat al-Nusra (terrorist tools of al-Qaeeda organization)."

The organization detonated two booby-trap cars on January,16th, 2013 in Idleb province (Northwestern Syria, near Syria-Turkey borders) killing at least 22 citizens, injuring another 30 ones, causing heavy material damages .

According to SANA, the letters noted that the two explosions come after the tragedy of shelling Aleppo University by the armed terrorist groups where 87 students and citizens were martyred.

The ministry also cited that, over the last weeks, the Syria law-enforcement units have succeeded to save life of hundreds of Syrian citizens through foiling dozens of suicide operations targeting cities ad villages.

It clarified that the suicide operations recently took place in Idleb province aimed to take revenge of the citizens, who took part in protest marches two days ago against the presence of terrorists In their area.

"The terrorist operations mainly seek to silence the voices that call for halting terrorism and violence in Syria," the ministry said, stressing that those voices appealed to the international and regional powers to stop backing terrorism.

Syria restated its determination to implement the UN resolutions related to combatting terrorism, including the UN resolution No.1373 stipulates for stop funding and supporting terrorist acts.

It underscored need for combatting terrorism whose catastrophe excludes neither countries nor individuals.

"Preventing the UNSC from condemning the terrorist acts could be only described as an 'immoral' stance and encouragement to the terrorist groups to go ahead in killing and destruction," the ministry said.

It added that the Syrian government has outlined its political plan based on national dialogue to resolve the crisis n the Syrian Arab Republic.

The national dialogue to be launched among the Syrians and under Syria's leadership is the only way to achieve stability and security in Syria, region and the world, according to the ministry's letters.

Syria hopes that countries, which practice double- standard policy and bias towards criminals under false pretexts, would reconsider their stances and join principle of right, justice, combatting terrorism, slamming it, and adopting necessary steps to prevent it.

Yesterday, the ministry addressed two letters to the UNSC about the terrorist groups' crime in Aleppo University. It called on the UNSC members to condemn the savage crime.