Terrorist Attacks against Aleppo Neighborhoods Clear-Cut War Crime: Information Minister

Damascus, (ST)– Minister of Information Omran al-Zou'bi has described the terrorist rocket attacks and sniper shootings that targeted several Aleppo neighborhoods over the past days as a clear-cut war crime.

More than 1200 shells were fired against Aleppo over the past hours from some areas in Aleppo old city, especially  from Bani Zeid district.  The attacks claimed the lives of dozens of civilians, left hundreds of people wounded and caused huge damage to houses and properties.

In a phone call with the Syrian TV on Thursday, al-Zou'bi said that the recent terrorist escalation in Aleppo comes within the framework of an anti-Syria project incited by Turkey and Saudi Arabia as well as by other terrorism-sponsoring forces particularly the United States which basically helped create terrorism in the region.

"Lethal weapons, which might be internationally-banned, were used by the terrorist organizations against Aleppo locals," the minister added, pointing out that this issue is currently being verified to know the kind of weapon used.

"The US administration and some Western countries suffer from political blindness as they don't want to differentiate between the victim and the killer…They keep adopting a unilateral vision that serves the killers and the terrorists in Aleppo and other parts of Syria," the minister said, noting to the harmony between the remarks of some western officials and those of the  terrorist organizations.

 Regarding reports about an alleged airstrike against a hospital in al-Sukkari neighborhood of Aleppo, al-Zou'bi said "there is no hospital in al-Sukkari district. Besides, neither the Syrian Arab army nor the supporting forces have hit such a hospital."

He affirmed the right of the Syrian state and army to retaliate to the terrorist attacks as to protect citizens, noting that "there is no longer a room for patience or silence over these crimes.

Hamda Mustafa