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Rahimi: Iran supports Pres.Al- Assad's recent crisis solving plan

First Vice President Mohammad-Reza Rahimi  has said that  Iran supports Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's recently proposed plan aimed at crisis solving in Syria, considering it an appropriate, logical, and practical plan.

According to IRNA, Rahimi made the comment during a meeting between the high ranking delegations of the two countries at the Islamic Republic of Iran Presidential Palace, further reiterating that no foreign interference in Syrian internal affairs is acceptable.

Rahimi while condoling with the Syrian delegation on the sad explosion event in Aleppo University, added, 'Nowadays we are witnesses to sorrowful events in Islamic countries, which are led by the Zionists and the western powers with the money of some Arab countries.'

Rahimi pointed out that the intimate relations between the Iranian and Syrian nations are as old as the life of the Islamic Revolution, arguing, 'The two countries' relations have been constantly expanding during the course of the recent years and this process would continue also in the future.'

The first vice president added, 'The Iranian nation feels deeply sorry about the emerged situation for the Syrian nation and we would under any conditions remain by the side of the people of Syria.'

Rahimi expressed hope that Syria would as soon as possible get rid of their notorious enemies, and regain peace and stability.

He also referred to the negotiations between the experts and ministers of the two countries, stressing the need for broader comprehensive Tehran-Damascus cooperation.

The top Iranian official said, 'The Islamic Republic of Iran is committed to abiding by the entire reached agreements between the ministers and experts of the two countries and we would try to implement all of them.'

The Syrian Prime Minister Wali Nadir al-Halqi, too, in the meeting appreciated the Islamic Republic and the Iranian nation's supports, saying, 'The oppressed Syrian nation is not alone in its campaign against the global oppression, and relies on the support of its friends, atop all there is the Islamic Republic of Iran.'

Prime Minister al-Halqi emphasized that these problems and the existing widespread unrest do not dissuade the Syrian government from its duty of trying to establish peace and security in the country, reiterating, 'We believe the enemies of the Syria, which is the axis or resistance, would not achieve their objectives, including violating the independence and territorial integrity of Syria.'

He said that the main concern of the Syrian government today is reconstruction of the country and restoration of peace and stability in the country, reiterating, 'We are after implementing the political plan of the Syrian president through  holding national and international dialogues to enable us to pave the path for materializing the ideals of the nations, including safeguarding their security.'

Al--Halqi added, 'The Syrian government intends to implement reforms, provide welfare and peaceful coexistence for the Syrian people, but the enemies and ill wishers take steps aimed a staging greater bloodshed and ruining the real Islamic values.'

Referring to the numerous sessions and negotiations between the two countries' ministers and technicians, he said, 'Iran and Syria have reached agreement in all commercial, economic and development fields, and we hope the two countries' comprehensive cooperation, including in electricity, health and banking fields would bear fruit as soon as possible.'