Syria calls on UNSC to condemn 'terrorist attack' on Aleppo University

DAMASCUS,(ST)_Syrian Foreign and Expatriates Ministry has appealed to the UN Security Council to blast the foreign-backed terrorist groups' recent attack on Aleppo University.

According to SANA, the ministry addressed two identical letters to the International Security Council's Head and the UN Secretary General stressing that the victims of the terrorist attack on the campus took place on the first day of exams are innocent students, who are studying to take part in developing their country and building their future.

"On January, 15th, 2013, the armed terrorist groups fired two missiles from al-Lairemonarea towards Aleppo University, killing 82 students and injuring hundreds and demolishing part of the Aleppo's Halls of residence . ," the letters read.

The ministry cited that part of the halls is hosting displaced citizens, who fled their homes, few months ago, because of the armed terrorist groups' acts in Aleppo city.

It noted that the armed groups have razed a lot of economic and historical sites in the city.

"The attack on Aleppo University is one of the terrorist groups' acts that target educational institutions," the letters said, pointing out that the criminals (armed terrorist groups) have destroyed 2362 schools and killed dozens of innocent children and teachers.

The ministry called on the UNSC members to slam the massacres perpetrated against Aleppo University's students, workers and displace people, adding that there is no justification to reject this.

It underscored that some countries are supporting terrorism in Syria and denouncing it in another countries, noting that Syria is  combatting terrorism everywhere.

"Some parties, particularly in western countries, which claim combatting terrorism in Mali, are supporting terrorism and terrorist groups in Syria. They (parties) harbor the terrorist groups ignoring the Syrian people's suffering caused by the terrorists' acts," the FM said.

It added that the terrorist groups have destroyed infrastructure built by the Syrian people.

As for media campaign being launched against Syria, the ministry clarified that a group of western and Gulf countries are taking part in this 'immoral' campaign that aims to mislead the Syrian people and the world public opinion as regards the events going on in Syria.

"The criminals' terrorist acts would never prevent Syria from defending its people, students and schools. Syria would go ahead in combating terrorism and implementing the political program based on dialogue among all Syria's components to surpass the crisis," the ministry concluded.

Last year, the FM also sent letters about all the terrorist groups' crimes against Syrian people in all sectors.

Basma Qaddour